The next level for leaders, professionals and sports coaches who want to feel more capable and confident in freeing potential and excellence in people and teams.

Deepen your understanding of how people learn, change, develop and perform

For Leaders

​As a manager in an international organisation you would like to communicate more effectively, better understand people and their motivations, develop the quality of work in your team and lead in a purposeful way? As a coaching leader in a global organization, you need the skills to create a setting where people can grow, to move your team into the future of an agile and digital work place, enabling people to work in a self-organised and more responsible way in a flat hierarchy. 

For Professionals

As a professional in HR, OD, training or consulting, you want to increase your knowledge about human change and interaction. Whether you are in a consulting role or HR development, you  require excellent understanding of your role and influence, people and their personality.  The workplace of the future will require even more psychological skills and advanced emotional intelligence and you will benefit from a state of the art set of methods and skills to develop personalities.

For Sports Coaches

You are a sports coach and would like to learn how to communicate more effectively with your athletes and teams in order to develop them and increase their performance? As a sports coach you find yourself at times challenged with the personality of your athletes and you are looking for ways how to develop and to support them so that they can get the best out of their skills and strengths. You want to learn more about the athlete's personality so that you communicate in an effective way building trust and overcoming resistance.