Dates and investments for the 2020/2021program

The time you invest:

Module 1: The coaching process and key coaching skills 22.-26.3.2021 (4 days, presence module)

Module 1.1: Q&A Session (3 hrs, virtual)

Module 1.2: Group Supervision (3 hrs, virtual)


Module 2: Inner world and beliefs 14.-18.6.2021 (4 days, presence module)

Module 2.1: Q&A Session (3 hrs, virtual)

Module 2.2: Group Supervision (3 hrs, virtual)

Module 3: Virtual coaching 16.9.2021 (1 day, virtual)

Module 4: Coaching interpersonal issues and conflicts 4.-8.10.2021(4 days, presence module)

Module 4.1: Q&A Session (3 hrs, virtual)

Module 4.2: Group Supervision (3 hrs, virtual)

Module 5: Complexity and environment 31.1.-4.2.2022 (4 days, presence module)

The time you invest in presence modules and virtual sessions add up to appr. 20 days total. To be added is the self-organized time in study groups.


Group supervisions, Q&A sessions and study groups are to be agreed with the group of participants.

Monetary investment:


7500,00€, plus VAT. This price includes all learning modules (virtual and presence modules), documentation (ePub/eBook) and access to the participants online community for a focussed exchange.

To be added are costs for travel to the modules, accomodation and meals.

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