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Time for Leadership

How much time do you invest in leading your people? If you did invest enough time, how much consistent quality and improvement would you have? What would it mean for the speed and quality of results? Reduce the cost of what you achieve individually and as a team?

Some thinking to do?

I experience a lot of very good and successful “Expert Leaders”, people who have grown up as an expert, developed a satisfaction and emotional security in being an excellent expert, delivering results. These leaders have often chosen the “expert” route to avoid people because they learnt at an early phase in life that people are unpredictable, all different, can be hurtful and this brings pain, are not as good as I am …. 😊 The paradox being that success as an expert, brings along with it people… damn! So we muddle through, do our very best, learn as we go, the personal costs can be high.

So, am I not investing the time in leading people because I do not feel I have the skill and attitude? I don’t take the time so that I can stay in my expert role as pressure to get things done increases, simply demanding me to be that expert?

This behavior pattern has brought many leaders success, results, satisfaction and recognition. Also in the future? I propose not. The expectations and demands on leaders today are very different, much more the “coaching leader”, identifying and fostering skills and qualities, developing attitude, providing a culture in teams where people feel safe and free to do their best, a vision and strategy where people are involved, encouraged, celebrating successes, learning and moving on when mistakes are made or difficulties occur. People in business and in sport are looking for the leaders and coaches that unleash potential, allow involvement and empowerment.

Organizations and teams that offer this will keep and attract the best.

Yes, we need to invest the time for leadership, invest it with skill and wisely. Increasingly my success and satisfaction as a leader, as a coach is rejoicing in the role I played making others: The best version of themselves that they can be.

What I have described here, the expert leader behaviour, is learnt. And you can add to it. The people focus, the skill basis to help you take that time for leadership, to use that time wisely and with the people focus – take a look at what we are offering on our program.

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