What is coaching? This is what we think.

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

What is coaching?

Profound Coaching-Skills are key abilities for leaders, professionals and also sports coaches. People development is a key success-factor - always was. It's not just a trend but an increasing necessity in many self-organised teams and business units.

We have founded Ireland & Winkel to contribute to the effectiveness of leaders, professionals and sports coaches when it comes to the arguably most important skill when leading people or programs: coaching. Our program is designed as a one year hybrid learning journey, to equip you with contemporary, sustainable coaching skills and to help you develop further in a coaching style leader role - as a leader in an organization, as a professional with a program/project responsibility or a sports coach who aims to develop strong personalities.

So what is coaching? There is tons of definitions. For us coaching in a leading role - whether you are in leadership position, a program responsibility or even as a sports coach - is to support a person to reach a next level, acquire new interpersonal skills, resolve or reorientate.

Check out our below. We are still learning how to do videos, and are keen to learn what you think about it, leave a comment on the video or a question about Coaching in the comments.

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