This program will help you understand people better, feel clearer in yourself and develop others more effectively in your role as a leader, sports coach and professional in an organization.


You will learn to see and perceive personalities in a deeper  way and gain an awareness how you relate to others. Your attitude as a person and coach influences your work in developing  others, your own self-confidence plays a vital factor.


Practicing methods and approaches to facilitate and coach group settings will enhance your ability to develop your teams culture and thus help you increase the teams productivity at lower costs.

We work with a solution-oriented approach, at the same time giving you the skills to move deeper with the coachee if needed. Our program offers a hybrid learning setting with both presence modules as well as digital virtual sessions providing a continuous intensive on-going learning for the whole year of the program. International and interdisciplinary perspectives further enrich the quality of learning.

How we work

Our coaching approach and our way to teach coaching is pragmatic and experiential. We will provide short inputs and give an opportunity to test and apply, find your own style, reflect. 


Our focus is on increasing performance and well-being in our coaching work. We use mindfulness as a tool to help the coachee self-study and  increase awareness of behaviour.


Our framework is based on neurobiology, psychology, a systemic understanding of people and organizations, principles of conflict management and mediation as well as a solid toolbox of business practices.


The learning journey contains:

  • Basic principles of the coaching process and key skills

  • Understanding personalities and the coachees inner world 

       and beliefs

  • Different coaching settings, virtual/digital spaces

  • Coaching interpersonal issues and conflicts

  • Understanding and working with the complexity and environment of the coachee

Our program contains virtual Q&A sessions, supervision and study groups to provide an on-going learning process in-between the presence modules.

Dates and investment

A learning process over one year with a mixture of online sessions and presence modules with an international group of people and experienced coaches/consultants/trainers.

The next program starts in April 2022 and finishes in January of 2023.

We will work in an easy-to-get-to European location close to Munich, Germany.